The choice of your exterior coverings affects your project in (2) different areas, the architectural prestige and your costs. Are you going to cover your extension or house with, aluminium, vinyl, acrylic, stucco, Canexel, Maybec, brick, stone or a combination including a few of the above?
Here are some factors you should consider before making a decision:

  • Does the city have any regulations on the type of coverings you may use in your West Island location? (Important especially for extensions)

  • If your budget allows you to cover with stone, but most houses in your close vicinity are covered with vinyl, you might not get back your investment at the sale of your house.

  • Keep in mind when figuring out your budget, the difference between vinyl or wood & brick or stone, you should include an additional 25% to 40% expense on your sq. footage costs for the latter.

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