Understanding the necessity for customers to feel that their investment is fully covered & protected from improbable construction mishaps. Westside Home Improvements Inc. provide their customers with a complete insurance plan included with their contract, valid during the period of the works and extending through the duration of their warranty. Please view our insurance policy and print a copy for your personal reference.

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A letter signed by Westside & the customer once the works have been completed. The document underlines the will of both parties to provide & receive the Warranty supplied, and also acts as a reference or letter of recommendation at the request of any future prospective customer. WESTSIDE'S COMMITMENT: Never to leave a customer unless they have signed and taken possession of this document that establishes their complete satisfaction.

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What is a contractor's bond and how can it benefit you? The contractor's bond protects the customer's for cash disbursements given to the contractor as a deposit until the beginning of the works. Would the contractor file bankruptcy, the insurance company issuing the bond will reimburse the customer. DO NOT disburse any cash advancement to a contractor that does not have a bond, you will not have any recourse against him in court of law.

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Contractor's License:

Should you work with a licensed contractor? YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD!! What could be the outcome if you did not? Damage to your house caused by works accomplished could end up not being covered by your insurance company, if you were not able to prove that you have worked with a contractor detaining a valid license.

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"Words fly and are forgotten but written statements stay", and because that is so, we bring special attention in making sure that our commitments are well understood and clearly defined. Most of all, we value our relationship with our customers, consequently, well defined contracts permit us to preserve it. Please click on the contract thumbnail and take in knowledge of its content.

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